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Get real!

February 3, 2007

According to PCWorld, Vista’s honeymoon is over. The first flaw in the system has been discovered. Or has it?

If you read the article and do some further investigation the hack boils down to this;

  1. You have your speakers and microphone on
  2. The microphone is placed in a way so it can pick up what comes over the speakers
  3. You have speak recognition turned on
  4. From here we have two different ways for the hack
    1. The computer user leaves his computer unlocked and a hacker comes around, and plays a soundfile that the mike picks up (I really do not understand this though – if the hacker is already there why bother with the soundfile – he already has access), or;
    2. Someone sends the user a soundfile as an emailattachment, being totally unconscious he plays the soundfile. He does not notice that commands are issued and that the computer responds. He then of course approves every UAC prompt that comes around

Seriously! And this is called a flaw. I must say I am really impressed with the journalists at PCWorld and elsewhere for having dug this out. And giving it the frontpage treatment as well. Get real – this is just stupid. As one commenter on PCWorld said; He found another flaw: Someone leaves his computer and a hacker comes around….

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