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The Ultimate Disappointment

September 26, 2007

I will not say that the Ultimate Extras were the deciding factor for me when I chose the Ultimate version for my laptop as well as the desktop, but the promise of “all” those extras were there. As is already quite obvious there haven’t been to many extras yet; Texas Hold Em Poker and some tools for the Bitlocker application. Dreamscene was just a beta (sorry; Preview) that was dropped early on and then nothing untill yesterday when it finally was released in full.

I, as well as many others, immediately downloaded the update and the extended content pack. The latter holding a whopping total of 3 additional scenes ! (1) Another riverfall – quite nice to look at, (2) A glowing Vista orb and (3) some machinelike looking futuristic whatever….

Is that all(!) Of course in the WindowsVistablog it was pointed out that with the DeskScapes add-on from Stardock you could also play back .dreams clips, a wealth of which you could find on the Stardock WinCustomize site….

True. The Dreamscenes are appealing to the eye – but for how long? For now I have it turned on, and it remains to be seen for how long that will continue. As for the comments on how much the CPU is taxed with DreamScenes on; on my system the load when “only” having Dreamscenes going (plus all the resident programs in the taskbar as well as the sidebar with numerous gadgets) the CPU is taxed between 30-50%…

I have been waiting for something like an Ultimate Extra add-on, something useful and handy, and that is all for now? Come on Microsoft – You need to do better that that. This was disappointing.


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